About the Library

The Hopkinsville Carnegie Library of Kentucky Architecture, when restored, will be the only facility of its kind in the state of Kentucky.

In addition to being a repository for information about Kentucky architects from the State's inception to the present (books, drawings, prints, renderings and histories) its most important function will be that of an outreach facility to students (of all ages) needing help with their writing skills - which will draw young people to the Library who can not only improve their communication skills, but also learn about Kentucky's fine public and private buildings and those responsible for their construction.

Help the Carnegie Library become...

A facility for afternoon tutoring - providing help with
   students' writing skills

A lecture center - where one can learn about and come to
   appreciate the architectural gems that abound in the

A gallery space - with exhibitions that change evey two
   months, providing six different shows in any one calendar

A recital/concert hall - which will become a new venue for  
   local musicians to perform in an intimate setting

Phone - (270) 719-9462